Silk Touch

Project "Silk Touch"


  • Web Design
  • Logo Design

Client: is a small online business initiated by a young woman in love with elegant lingerie and swimsuits. All products on the website are provided by the popular French brand Marc & André that she already admires.


The client needed a fully functional online shop with a sleek and modern look and numerous payment and shipping option integrated in it.

SilkTouch is going to target clients mainly from Greece and Bulgaria. That is why, it was developed to work in multiple languages and currencies.


Usually, the main focus of an online shop is the brand and the product presentation. SilkTouch is a newly created brand that resells the popular Marc&Andre. So we knew that presenting the French brand will speak for itself and the quality of the products given on the website. That is why we decided to focus mainly on the product pages and the flawless shopping experience.

We aimed for:

  • minimalist design
  • more space for product images
  • improved shopping experience with selected product combinations and different related products
  • quick and easy order process
  • clean and catchy home page with focus on the top products
  • Website:





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