Project "Korkos"


    Korkos is a family business which started in 1996. Since the beginning the company is providing solid wood panels and wood flooring. Their main goal is excellent products and high customer satisfaction. With over 25 years of experience with woodworking they can be a trustful partner for every home and office.


    The company needed a new online shop to show the complete variety of products they provide. Each product had to be presented in details with high-quality images and technical specifications. Also, the client requested an improved order experience that allows the user to select predefined set of options.


    Buying wood flooring and solid wood panels online is not very popular yet. However, technology is constantly improving and more and more people change their shopping methods. Korkos was a very interesting project for us and we wanted to create a seamless UX design to make it more appealing to the end-user. We decided to create a minimalistic visual presentation that is focused on the products of superb quality and the user-friendly order process. Each product was presented with high-quality images so that the user can almost imagine it in the home interior. Also, we created a set of predefined order options and thus provide an easy way to get the final price of the product with few mouse clicks.


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