"We needed a website to allow our customers to make online orders with no hassle. Also, we wanted to gather feedback for each one of our stores and products. AllWeb implemented useful solutions for our needs with great care in all details."

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    Viktor Vlaesku

    Project "Filadelfia Bakery"


    • Web Design


    Filadelfia bakery is one of the first private bakeries in Ruse, Bulgaria. The business started in 1991 and today you may find their products in over 15 local bakeries.


    Once it became one of the largest bakeries in Ruse, Filadelfia wanted to expand their services and allow customers to order their products online.

    The business needed a place to present their latest products, allow customers to pre-order very easy and find the nearest local bakery store.


    What could sell better than amazing pictures of tasty breads, sweets and salty foods? You can understand that our first priority was to gather superb images and organize them in a catchy way on the website.

    We decided to create product gallery pages from where clients can navigate to a product they like and order with a few mouse clicks. Each product ingredient is carefully listed so clients are familiar with the quality they will get.

    The shopping part of the website is quite user-friendly. It gives clients the opportunity to choose a pickup hour and location.

    In addition to the shopping cart development, we made a map with all bakeries and detailed presentation of each one of the bakeries together with a contact form to gather feedback from the clients. This approach quickly showed the week sides of every location.





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