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Dory Zidon

Project "Core Team"


  • Web Design


CoreTeam is an engineering company that builds high impact software teams and create awesome products for developers and other geeks.


Our client was looking for new clients and new opportunities. He urgently needed a company presentation.

He wanted to present the company both as a reliable technical partner and a great place to work.


The client came to us with a complete idea of what he wants on the website and we helped him make it look good on the web.

Our main goal was to make a website that is attractive to geeky people and we knew how difficult it would be.

We put most of our efforts on the visual presentation. We knew that this is what will get people's attention in the first place and will make them interested in either working with or for CoreTeam. The man behind the company is a technical person and a geek himself and he helped us a lot with this task. His constant support was needed and much appreciated during the whole process.

The company presentation is supported with a company blog and a careers page dedicated to the currently available job opportunities.






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