Our work

  • Colour Monk

    Colour Monk is a new clothing brand, established to challenge those who find inspiration in positive vibes, colors and active way of life.
  • Varilux

    We wanted to create a trendy and user-friendly website that briefly presents their latest and greatest products.
  • Core Team

    A business website presenting the top notch technological services and approach of a software company.
  • Single Step Foundation

    Foundation which provides a number of much needed and vital resources to LGBTQI youth and their families and friends in Bulgaria.
  • Laika.bg

    Laika.bg is an online store that gathers unique Bulgarian products which are carefully tested to prove their high quality.
  • Filadelfia Bakery

    Once it became one of the largest bakeries in Ruse, Filadelfia wanted to expand their services and allow customers to order their products online.
  • Boutique Cocoon

    Boutique Cocoon is a project of a young and ambitious stylist who knows how to make every girl look smart and sexy.
  • Architect Nikolova Studio

    More than 20 years of experience in the architectural branch. Operating in Italian, Russian and Bulgarian markets.
  • Sofia Consulting Group

    The client needed to build a business website with a blog in a very short term.